What do I need to do before I use the space?

Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll ask you to complete a few extra steps before you move into the space and start your booking. We do this to protect your reservation in case anything goes wrong.

The items on your Move-In Checklist include:

  1. Paying both the security deposit (if applicable) and the first monthly rental for the space 
  2. Signing our Booking Terms 
  3. Verifying your account (not required for parking bookings) 
  4. Adding an inventory of the items you’re planning to store, or details of vehicles being parked

For parking, before using the space, ensure that you have any necessary permits to safely park your vehicle in the space. Also, get in touch with your Host for any instructions you may need about how to locate the space and which bay to park in, if necessary. This will help you enjoy as smooth a move-in date as possible.

If you are having difficulty reaching your Host and your move-in date is approaching, please do contact us.