What items can I store?

You can store just about anything with Stashbee, as long as it’s legal! However, it’s always best to let your Host know what you’re storing before you move in.

For legal and safety reasons, there are a few items which are totally banned from being stored with a Stashbee Host:

  • Any kind of weapon (including guns), explosives, munitions or fireworks 
  • Anything flammable, including petrol, gas, oil, paint, white spirit or lighter fluid 
  • Anything illegal, including any class of drug, drug paraphernalia, stolen property (including vehicles) or anything which you can get arrested for possessing 
  • Any kind of food, drink or perishable goods, including fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese 
  • Anything which was (or is!) alive, including animals, plants, insects, fungus or bacteria 
  • Anything which produces a strong smell, produces gas, leaks liquid, or is damp 
  • Any container of liquid 
  • Anything hazardous, toxic, polluted, contaminated or radioactive 
  • Anything that creates noises 
  • Anything which generates heat 
  • Anything which may increase in size and/or burst 
  • Anything damp, mouldy, rotten or moth-infested 
  • Any cash or securities