What does Stashbee do to keep Hosts safe?

We’re here to make it safe, simple and hassle-free to host your space. Read below to find out more about all the things we do to help protect your booking and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

We take care of the admin 

Seamless payments 

Your bookings will be set up with our seamless payment system, so your earnings will be paid directly into your bank account. This means cashless payments and no chasing! 

Verification checks 

For most bookings, we’ll run some verification checks so you can feel safe knowing that Renters moving into your space have already been verified. 

Deposit handling 

We’ll hold a security deposit for most spaces. The deposit will only be refunded once keys have been returned and you’ve confirmed the space is fully cleared and damage free. 

Booking Terms 

We’ll ask for both you and the Renter to sign our Booking Terms before your booking starts. The Booking Terms cover a few standard terms and will help to keep your booking protected if anything goes wrong. Once the terms are fully signed, we’ll send you both a copy. 

Automatic invoices 

We’ll provide you with monthly invoices for your records, which will be available to download from your booking dashboard. 

Booking dashboard 

Our booking dashboard and messenger make it easy to manage your bookings and keep in touch with your Renters. We’ll also send you email notifications every time you get a message to make sure you’re always kept in the loop. 

If something goes wrong… We’ll be here! 

Item Guarantee 

We’ll provide compensation for your Renter's stuff of up to £3000 for the duration of the booking. That way you can feel better knowing their belongings are protected in case they get damaged, lost or stolen. 

The guarantee doesn’t cover vehicles that are being stored or parked in a Stashbee space, so it’s a good idea to check that your Renter’s vehicle is sufficiently insured before the booking starts. 


Make sure your Renter has added an inventory of the items they’re storing. They may need it if they ever have to seek reimbursement under the Item Guarantee.  

Late payment handling 

We take care of chasing late payments, so you don’t have to. Our team will follow up with the Renter in case they fall behind on their payments to ensure you’re always paid on time. 

Stashbee support 

We make sure we’re on hand to help throughout your booking. You can send us an email or speak to a real human over the phone when our offices are open. 

Safe hosting checklist 

We work hard to make sure our Hosts have a great experience renting out their space, but there are also a few things you can do to help make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Important things to check: 

  1. Check that you won’t be breaching your mortgage or tenancy agreement by listing your space 
  2. Make sure your insurance provider is happy with you renting your space. Some providers offer cover for ‘Sharing Economy Activities’, so it’s worth checking before you list with Stashbee 
  3. You may need to pay tax on your Host earnings, so it’s important to check if this applies to you

It’s good to make sure your listing and photos are accurate and up to date. If any changes have been made to your space, your listing should be updated to reflect them too. 

You should also maintain the safety and security of your space at all times. This includes keeping on top of general wear and tear, as well as organising repairs if anything breaks or becomes unsafe.