Responding to Renter enquiries

Messaging Renters 

Once your listing is live on the search map, Renters will be able to message you with questions about the space. You’ll be notified every time you get an inquiry, so keep an eye on your emails. 

You’ll have 24 hours to respond before the inquiry expires, but you can always re-open it if you don’t get to it in time. 

Top tips for turning an inquiry into a booking: 

  1. Renters are often looking at multiple options, so make sure you answer their questions promptly 
  2. Sending a photo or showing the Renter around on a video call is a great way to showcase your space 
  3. Invite the Renter to book your space if you’re happy to take their booking. You can do that directly from the booking dashboard 
You can share your full address and phone number with the Renter from your booking dashboard. 

Making an offer 

Renters may sometimes ask if you’re willing to change the monthly rental amount for your space. For example, they may be willing to commit to a longer booking if you lower your price. 

If you’re happy to offer a discount, this could be a great way of securing a booking. To help you manage price negotiations, we’ve added a Make an Offer button in your booking dashboard. Clicking it will bring up a pop-up where you can adjust the monthly rental, minimum term and start date of the booking. Once you’re ready, you can send your offer to the Renter to decide if they’re happy to accept it. 

The monthly rental you negotiate is the end price the Renter will be paying. It includes the Stashbee service fee. Learn more about the booking protection services we provide in return.