What is Stashbee's Item Guarantee?

What does it cover?

When you purchase one of our Item Guarantee plans, we will reimburse you for the reasonable repair, replacement, or fair market value costs resulting from direct physical damage or theft of your items while in storage.

The maximum compensation amount you are eligible for depends on the plan that you choose when making your booking.

You can find the full terms of the Item Guarantee in section 7 of our Terms and Conditions.

The table below shows the maximum guarantee amounts that apply to the two plans we currently offer, alongside the minimum contribution that a Renter needs to make towards any instance of damage or loss.

Minimum PlanEssential Plan
Maximum guarantee amount per booking (damage or theft)£1,000£3,000
Maximum guarantee amount (water damage)£200£500
Maximum guarantee amount (single item)
Renter contribution£100£250


Is water damage covered?

Yes, the Item Guarantee provides reimbursement in case of damage to your items caused by water ingress. This is something that Renters have previously asked us about, so we designed the guarantee with that in mind.

Please note that not all instances of water damage are covered. For example:

  • Damage caused by a burst pipe is covered
  • Damage caused by a roof leak which occurred during the Booking is covered
  • Damp, condensation, or a gradually occurring water ingress is NOT covered
  • Items left in a storage space with a visibly damaged roof or with signs of water damage are NOT covered
  • A leak occurring due to a Host failing to repair a known roof issue is NOT covered

The maximum amount of compensation in case of water damage depends on your plan and is detailed in the section above. 

How much does it cost?

We have designed our plans to be affordable, while at the same time providing enough flexibility to accommodate different Renters' individual needs.

We currently offer two Item Guarantee plans:

  1. Minimum - £5.99 / month. Ideal for Renters who are storing inexpensive or a small volume of items
  2. Essential - £14.99 / month. Designed for Renters who are storing more valuable items and need more robust protection 

Can I change my plan after the booking starts?

Absolutely! You can switch between the two plans at any time during your booking.

All you need to do is go to your Booking Dashboard, click on the "Item Guarantee" tab, and then click the "Change plan" button.

Our team will then be automatically notified and make the change.

What's not covered?

The Item Guarantee has some limitations and exclusions, which are aimed at preventing fraud and keeping down the costs of the plan.

Please read section 7 of our Terms and Conditions for the full list of exclusions. 

Here is a summary of the most notable instances in which we would NOT provide reimbursement under the plan:

  • Damage or loss resulting from items left in an unsuitable environment (e.g., an unlocked or leaky space)
  • Damage or loss due to items not being properly packed (e.g. cardboard boxes or unprotected furniture left on the floor of a garage, fragile items placed under other heavy boxes)
  • Any gradually operating issue (e.g. rising damp, mould) or normal wear and tear
  • Damage that occurs before the booking starts, after it ends, or while your items are in transit
  • Damage or theft of prohibited items (as specified in our Booking Terms)
  • Damage or theft of vehicles, portable electronics, valuables (e.g., jewellery, gemstones, watches), or documents
  • Damage or theft not reported within the timelines prescribed in our Terms and Conditions
  • Damage or theft of items that are not itemised in the inventory you complete at the start of your booking
  • Damage or theft of items reported by a Renter who has overdue Stashbee payments 

Can I not have Item Guarantee?

You need to have at least some protection when booking with Stashbee. While our Hosts will take good care of your stuff, issues could always arise during your booking. 

Making the Item Guarantee mandatory is intended to provide you with peace of mind should the unexpected happen. 

If, however, you are storing a vehicle in one of our Host’s garages or have alternative insurance arrangements, please get in touch.

Do I need to do anything to make sure I'm covered?

Yes, there are a few conditions you need to meet to make sure you remain eligible to receive reimbursement under the Item Guarantee.

  1. Inventory: When you book a space, make sure to list all your items in the "inventory" section of your Booking Checklist. Items not listed there will not be protected.
  2. Packing: When placing your items in the storage space, make sure they are stored and packed in a manner that will minimise the risk of damage. For example, don't leave items vulnerable to water damage on the floor or in packaging that's not water resistant.
  3. Photos: Once your stuff is in storage, take a couple of photos and send them in the Stashbee chat room. That way you have evidence of what you placed in the space and the condition it was in 
  4. Payments: Stay up to date with your Stashbee payments. We know your card may occasionally not have enough funds, and you won't be penalised for that, but you should not have any overdue payments at a time when you're seeking compensation.
  5. Insurance: If you have received any compensation from the Host, an insurer or another third party about the same damage, we will not be able to provide additional reimbursement. 

How do I report damage under the Item Guarantee Plan?

There are a few steps you need to take as soon as you discover that your stuff has been damaged, lost or stolen.

  1. Document the damage thoroughly with videos and photographs.
  2. Email us on support@stashbee.com to report the damage or loss no later than 7 days after discovering the incident. In your email, please state whether your items are covered by contents or any other type of insurance.
  3. Police report: If your items have been stolen or vandalised, contact the police and file a police report, describing the incident and detailing what's been damaged or lost. You must file the police report no later than 48 hours after discovering the incident.

Once you have notified us about the incident, we will send you an Item Guarantee payment request form. You need to complete and return the form within 30 days of receiving it.

The Item Guarantee payment request form will ask you to provide details of the incident and the damage suffered, alongside proof of ownership for the items.

The proof of ownership is very important as it allows us to determine whether the stuff belongs to you and is as described in your inventory. It can be in the form of receipts, quotes, videos, and photographs, among other things.

Once we have received the completed Item Guarantee payment request form, we will review all the information and make a decision on the amount of reimbursement you are due to receive.

Please read section 7 of our Terms and Conditions for full details on the process of invoking the Item Guarantee.

Is the Item Guarantee an insurance plan?

No, the Item Guarantee is not an insurance contract, and it does not take the place of any insurance that you may have. 

It is designed to promote confidence in Stashbee's product and provide reimbursement for certain costs that may occur while Renters store their stuff via our platform. 

If you want insurance for your stored items, you should contact an insurer or a broker to help you with your insurance needs.