How much can I earn from my space?

You can use our earnings calculator to get an idea of how much you can earn from your space. This will take a few key factors into consideration, including the location, size and security features of your space. 

When you create your listing, you can set exactly how much you’d like to earn from your space. We then calculate the total price that the Renter will pay by adding our Service Fees to your earnings.

The Service Fees consist of two parts:

  • Renter Fee, which is 20% (incl. VAT) of the total booking amount paid by the Renter for monthly bookings or 25% (incl. VAT) for hourly bookings
  • Host Fee, which is 5% (incl. VAT) of your gross earnings (i.e. the amount paid by the Renter minus the Renter fee)


  • You set your earnings to £95 per month when creating your listing - this is what lands in your bank account every month
  • The Renter pays a total monthly rental of £125 per month (this is what they’ll see on your listing page)
  • The monthly rental includes a Renter Fee of £25 (20% of the monthly rental)
  • It also includes a Host Fee of £5 - it's equivalent to 5% of your gross earnings (i.e. the total monthly rental minus the Renter Fee)

What you see is what you get, so no matter what you set your earnings to, that is what you will earn overall.

These Service Fees help us provide customer support and a legal framework for our bookings, as well as Renter verification, Item Guarantee, late payment handling, and end-to-end payment processing. Learn more about the support we provide and how we protect your bookings.